Jumping Castles Making Your Party Entertaining and Enjoyable

In 1959, John Scurlock while trailing inflatable layers for tennis court observed that his staffs and individuals around actually adored jumping on them. Being the innovator of inflatable equipment like tennis courts, domes, tents and inflatable designs; he produced an extremely human friendly object ever imagined and that was the safety air pillow which is extensively used by fire brigade units throughout the world so that the people tumbling off the buildings in cases of disasters or emergencies can be caught up easily in this balloon-like cushion/pillow.

Jumping castles or inflatable castles are momentarily ballooned structures made in the form of a castle or a dynasty for children to have fun doing vigorous exercises and playing inside it. Some other terms used for these edifices are as follows, closed inflatable trampolines, bubbly houses and jumpers. These things can be effortlessly taken for rent from some companies which can deliver such services for your parties and gatherings mostly arranged for children. Such inflatables can be made with special configuring and shaping so that certain sports can be played inside them.

There are many types of interesting jumping castles available in the market such as specially made for girl’s or boy’s parties and get together. Also, bounces for adults are also designed in such a way that they can be equally enjoyed by the adults just as the kids enjoy their boundaries. A bouncy or jumping castle experience is a must so that parties and gatherings can have an oomph of fun-loving times among all.

At Jumping Castle Hire Melbourne, your kids will be able to experience one of the most amazing types of a jumping castle which is a 5 in 1 combo jumping castle. These are the ultimate winners in the realm of jumping castles. Having so many features in just one product is beyond amazing. They have eccentric artworks and will surely excite everyone coming to your gathering or event.  They are in total 5 meters tall and can very easily be seen from far off. This bouncy/jumping castle has an interesting climb feature as well as a super-large slide. In this jumping castle, your kids will surely have hours of active fun! Elders and viewers are open to a perfect sight with the 360-degrees net margins of this tremendously alluring jumping castle. The 5-in-1 combo jumping castles are specifically made and are super strong and sturdy in their making.

Different themes of 5 in 1 jumping castles are also available for example Pirates of the Caribbean themed castle is designed for pirate themed parties. Likewise, Batman, Superman and Shrek themed jumping castles are available as well. For girls’ party’s castles in shades of red, pink and purple are specially created so that little girl can have exclusive parties as well. Jumping castles and bounces are also generally seen in different events and festivals all around the world. They are large in sizes and widespread in the covered area as well. They are designed to occupy many kids or adults to cover large crowds coming to those events and festivals, thus creating enjoyable experiences for all.

At Jump n Play Castles, we have all types of jumping castles available to make your parties fun and enjoyable. We are in Melbourne, so for creating an entertaining space and environment for your next children’s party contact us ASAP!

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