Animal Themed Kids Birthday Party Ideas

This year, you have decided, your kid’s Animal birthday party will be organized around the theme of the animals. But it’s hard to get all of your child’s friends to come to the nearest zoo… Don’t panic, we will explain how to organize a zoo-themed birthday party… from home!

Animal birthday theme: invitations

As an invitation, buy some animal postcards. But let’s not play with words, a birthday party Gold Coast is above all an excuse to talk about animals. No need to tear your hair to find animals that you can actually see at the zoo. Dogs, cats, mice and other ladybugs can also be part of the party. Moreover, suggest to the children to dress up as their favourite animal.

Zoo birthday theme: the setting

It’s time to take out all the stuffed animals in the house to put them here and there. Play the humour card by featuring the small animals: one comes out of a drawer, another reads the newspaper, a third has put on glasses… This will brighten up the house and create surprises throughout the entire show. day. Try to collect posters of animals from travel agencies, especially posters from countries with safari trips. Also, think about posters often inserted in children’s magazines. Of course, if you have a guinea pig, goldfish, cat or dog, invite them to the party too.

There are fabrics with very natural prints. If you wish, you can therefore improvise a tablecloth striped like a zebra or spotted like a leopard. Crocodiles, snakes, chocolate mice, marshmallow bears, gelatin teddy bears… There are many animal-shaped candies. Offer several varieties to children. To present them, prick them on toothpicks, themselves embedded in grapefruit halves. Draw a muzzle and black eyes on the grapefruits using an indelible marker. You then get multicoloured hedgehogs. Also, take advantage of the fact that the animal theme is widely exploited by major food groups. You will therefore easily find animal-shaped cakes on the shelves of your supermarket, or even ice cream. Do not hesitate to use and abuse it, children love it. Ideally, make your cake in a mould in the shape of a fish or a bear. If you don’t have one, trust your artistry and cut out the birthday cake in the shape of an animal. Perhaps the easiest is to cut it into a cat’s face. If the dough of your cake is light, add two dark candies for the eyes (type fraizibus) then cut a triangular nose and moustaches in rolls of licorice.

Some examples of birthday games adapted to the theme of the zoo.

Animal Mime

Write animal names on slips of paper. Fold them then put them in a hat or a salad bowl. The children take turns drawing a piece of paper and must act out the animal whose name they have

just drawn. Depending on the age of the children, choose animals that are more or less difficult to mimic and find. This will call on each other’s knowledge. Indeed, when the little ones will have to find “snake”, the older ones will have to discover “snake” or “boa”. Of course, the one who opens his mouth to utter an evocative animal cry is eliminated.

The Monkey Meal

Face the children with a large packet of unshelled peanuts in your hand. Throw in the air, a handful of peanuts… the children will rush to catch them on the fly or pick them up on the ground. After several throws, each little monkey counts the number of peanuts he has collected… and enjoys them! Whoever has the most, has won.

The cry of the animals

Give each guest a role: one will be the dog, the other the pig, a third a canary, etc. Before the game, everyone utters their cry to be perfectly identified. Then you start to tell a story (mostly made up) where all the animals take turns appearing. As soon as a child hears the name of the animal he represents, he must imitate his cry. The game becomes particularly funny if you speed up your story or if you bring in several animals at the same time. What a joyful cacophony!


DIY For this DIY, get some books on animals. Children can draw inspiration from it and do something very realistic. Because the goal of this small workshop is to model an animal in salt dough. Start the workshop before snack time to have time to let the works dry a little while they feast. After the Animal birthday party, everyone will leave with their sculpture and will be able to cook it and then paint it at home. For the salt dough, mix a glass of fine salt, a glass of lukewarm water and two glasses of flour. Before cooking the salt dough, it is best to let it dry between 12 hours and 2 days. Then the cooking is done between 75 and 110 ° C for about 2 hours.

Zoo birthday theme: small gifts for birthday guests

Animal masks, origami in the shape of animals, plastic figurines … Each child leaves with an animal under their arm. If you have any fabric left from the tablecloth, make a few tiger pockets to bring back all these treasures.

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